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 Step 1
 Attach your two side pieces to the  bottom piece by sliding the ends  together and inserting the wooden  plug.
 About Us:
 The Pop-Lock framing system has been  designed to be the easiest, stongest, most  complete framing system available to the  glass industry. Prefinished and ready to  hang after assembly. Each pack contains  two pieces.

 The Pop-Lock system will accomodate  any size panel. Pop-Lock frames are  designed to fit your panel. A package  marked 10" will accept a panel from 9-1/2"  to 10-7/16". For sizes larger than 36",  subtract 1-3/4", divide by 2 and purchase  one package for each size.

 Contact Us:
 Warner Stained Glass
 Phone: 800.523.4242
 Fax: 800.523.5012

 Step 2
 Slide your panel in from the top.
 Step 3
 Attach top frame piece and insert  the wooden plugs.
 It's finished!
professional framing system